McCormack DNA 0.5 with the ARC LS3 pre

Has anyone paired the McCormack DNA 0.5 with the ARC LS3 pre amp? Is this a good match?

i had this setup for several years; was quite satisfied with it. since then i had the amp upgraded to an "A" revision by SMC and have replaced the ls3 with a BC 21 as i have wanted to try a tube preamp. Have kept the LS3 as a backup though may sell it in the near future.
I have owned both pieces, but not at the same time. I felt like the LS3 was a bit thin sounding. Its synergy with the McCormack will depend mainly on your choice of speakers. I felt compelled to move on to a different preamp. After many combinations, I keep returning to a tubed preamp and a full-bodied power amp combination.

I currently run a pair of mono-ed, balanced, Rev A .5's, which are wonderful sounding amps, and an Audio Research LS16 with ProAc Response 3.5's.