McCormack TLC-1 Output Jacks

I just picked up a McCormack TLC-1 preamp. On the back, it has two RCA output jacks to connect to the power amp - passive and buffered.

I would like to know which one of the two output jacks would be proper to use with a solid state amplifier. I tried each one and it seemed to work fine.
I'll give you the age old response (you had to have expected this) ... try each and see which one sounds best to you.

Both will work, one will probably sound better.

Each will work fine, and purists often like the passive approach, using the buffered only to drive longer cable runs. I had this preamp for years, it's a great piece, and oddly, I ended up preferring the buffered outs which just seemed to offer a bit more bass control to my ears with no loss of clarity, on either long or short runs of cable. I've even used both sets together for temporary biamping. As Bob says above, try both and let your own ears decide if you hear any difference that matters for you, they may sound identical in your set-up.
I also had a TLC-1 for years and also had a slight preference for the buffered outs.
Hi Morgandogge -

I designed the TLC-1 preamp with buffered outputs (in addition to the passive outs) to increase its flexibility and system compatibility. The buffered output was designed to mimic the performance of the passive as closely as possible while providing a fixed, low-impedance output drive capability. This gives the buffered output the ability to drive long and/or high-capacitance interconnect cables, and amplifiers with low input impedance - things the passive output cannot do well.

The other members who have been kind enough to comment here have given you good advice...there is no right or wrong in this case - just go with the outputs that you prefer in your setup.

Happy New Year!

Steve McCormack, designer
SMc Audio
OMG, I never would have thought I would correspond with the one and only Steve McCormack! I bow to you!

I am in the process of acquiring a DNA-1 (non Deluxe version) to go with my TLC-1, SST-1, and DAC-1, and hopefully I could come to terms with the seller. Hopefully also, the acquisition of the DNA-1 would for now, end my search for that "sound" I have been looking for. I have B&W 803S speakers, Tara Labs interconnects, and alternate between Nordost Red Dawn and MIT Terminator 2 for speaker wire.