McIntosh 2150 hopes of synergy

Hoping for relevant feedback, confirmations, suggestions, etc..
I am planning a dedicated listening system around my vintage McIntosh MC 2150 solid state Amp. The availability of streaming music has reignited my interest in Hi-Fi and I am nearly ready to pull the trigger on the following equipment which is about at the limit of my budget:

Parasound Halo P5 pre-amp
KEF LS50 speakers
*Airport express
*CD player (inexpensive)
*I was advised the DAC in the P5 can be used to process the Airport express and the CD player for excellent results.

It’s hard to define what I am looking for as far as sound goes, but the terms warm, non- fatiguing, engaging, musicality, all sound close to the mark?? I like all types of music, Roberta Flack to Nine Inch Nails, however, when critically listening I would most likely choose Classical or Jazz.

Listening to these products or others prior to the sale is not realistic (except the return option) as brick and mortar stores are gone in my area.

My current system consists of The Mac amp, Klipsch KG4 speakers and a Denon DCM 460 (chose back in the day due to the variable output feature and me not having/affording a pre-amp). I currently use Tributary A1 Silver RCA cables and Tributary 12AWG Speaker wires. 14 x 19 room carpeted 75% or the area.

Thanks in advance. This forum has been immensely helpful so far and I appreciate the time posters spend informing others.
You should consider investing a few hundred bucks in gasoline/airfare/hotel to try and get some auditions in before pulling the trigger on purchases. Speakers are an incredibly personal choice, and no amount of review can substitute for actually listening. Electronics are a bit easier, but you don't want to do things over if you don't have to. If travel simply isn't possible, try to work with a good operation that will allow full-credit exchanges after an in-home trial. Audio Classics comes to mind as one of the better dealers out there for both new and used stuff. Good luck!