McIntosh and Wilson? RV audio system, glad I am not the only one to take this seriously:)

2022 New Horizon, very high end custom built 5th wheels, this one is a dang fine deal at just $247k. Not a great place to put a high end system but we have to live with what we have to work with so I applaud the application.


OK, I do not like to put imagines on some host somewhere, in the cloud, etc  but when I get ready to sell some gear looks like I will have to. 


You can find it on RVtrader




I will post a pic or two when I setup a place to host it.

Nice comment, I guess not everyone knows how to turn off the AC;)

I am actually surprised to see a none ducted AC system in such a high end RV as others in the same brand have them. I suppose it has a fairly thick foam layer and no ducting means better insulation but I am looking for noise specs on the LG AC units, which I have never seen on an RV yet. Most of the time is it easy to keep cool with one unit running so just running the one on the other end of the RV would help a great deal.

I am sure it had dual pain windows like our older Teton that was ordered with but am nearly finished installing Low E Anderson wood frame vinyl wrapped windows, and doors, they make a huge improvement. I added 1.5 ft to the length last year so I have a far more open space for my audio system, not in a slide like that one.








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