Mcintosh C41, any thoughts,compared to c45, c46

Hello any thoughts on this preamp on its own, and compared to newer c45,c46 thanks
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I compared the C41 and C46 at my McIntosh dealer. They were both in the same system with Mc402 and B&W N803 speakers. The C46 is much more transparent and generally sounds much better. I was hoping there wouldn't be much difference because I can't afford the C46 yet, so for now I am keeping my Classe. The dealer says that the new digital volume control is the main reason for the increase in sound quality but that better parts are used in the newer circuits too. Arthur
I generally concur with the previous poster. I upgraded from a C41 to a C42 in my system. As near as I can tell, the only difference between the 42 and the new 46 is that you get a bigger display and fiberoptic lighting. So you might consider a used or dealer NOS C42, which you should be able to buy right around $2K.