Mcintosh customer support

Requested Firmware update from Mcintosh for my ageing but still good sounding D150 Dac Mcintosh customer support virtually refused to supply Firmware v 1.02 with me . their answer was,,

( Unfortunately, company policy prohibits me from sending out firmware updates. We used to distribute them openly but they ended up on forums and were installed into incorrect units causing a massive influx in service repairs. At that point the company instituted the policy to no longer distribute them.)

it is so sad that Audio Giant like McIntosh do not care about their customers.


Interestingly, I just had an experience this week with their product support folks on a digital device, specifically an MVP881BR.

For background, I purchased it as B stock from Audio Classics back in 2011 and after taking nearly a year to complete my HT set up, discovered an odd problem with it. That thread is posted here so I won’t repeat the details but will say that in early 2016, I conclusively identified a very unusual issue with the Blu-ray codecs in it. Took it to my local dealer in OH who couldn’t fix it or update the firmware. They sent it to the factory. After several months and very diligent investigation and testing, they replaced every single processing board in the deck and finally discovered in autumn 2016 (!) it was the HDMI output board causing the problem. That got changed out too. They sent it back to me and charged not one single penny for all of that time and effort.

Fast forward to 2024. I moved July last year under a corporate relocation and let the movers transport the entire household. All of my gear was all properly packed in the factory packaging, and nothing was physically damaged. I verified it all worked, but I couldn’t test every function before the insurance submission window expired. This past weekend, I discovered that the HDMI ports no longer output audio. The SPDIF and XLR outputs work just fine, the transport is the same as ever and everything looks and sounds just as wonderful as it always has. I presume the TOSLINK and component outputs work too, but haven’t had time to check those yet.

Mc stopped producing universal disc players about a year or two ago, so I figured I might have trouble getting it serviced. Emailed Ryan at A-C first since they’re now just an hour away and sure enough, they don’t service disc devices any longer. I then messaged Mc through the website. Got a reply this morning that they no longer have parts to repair the 881.

I’m bummed that the HDMI audio outputs can’t be repaired, but it doesn’t stop the player from fulfilling its function. Production of the 881 ran 2009-2012, so I’m not surprised that parts aren’t available anymore, either. While I still have 2011 Apple MacBook Pro that works, it doesn’t support 64 bit software, can’t be updated and the internal DVD-RW drive isn’t available anymore. That’s what happens with digital technology. It is not the fault of McIntosh, or Apple or anyone else.

I must also observe that McIntosh went way above and beyond the call servicing my deck back in 2016-2017 when it was at least 4 years out of a warranty that didn’t really need to be honored in the first place because of how I purchased it. I never pressured them about anything - I just asked nicely if they could fix the problem and gave them the space to try. When it was there about 90 days, I asked for an update, and they promptly told me they hadn’t opened it yet. Another 90 days later they got back to me without my asking to say they confirmed the issue but hadn’t identified what was causing it. I finally got a call from the engineer working on it with the complete diagnosis about 6 weeks later.

I feel we have to keep sight of the fact that this whole audio thing is a hobby. Yes, it’s expensive. But, is it really any different from owning a collector car? Or chronograph? How many of us characterize our rigs as a Porsche, Ferrari, Rolex or Patek Phillipe? How long does it take, what does it cost and what kind of parts availability exists for repairing, restoring or updating one of those? And what can you say to the factory if they choose not to support it any longer?

From my perspective, McIntosh remains one of the more customer-focused audio equipment manufacturers out there. This is despite their acquisition by folks who are more interested in the ROI than the THD. They have never failed to respond to my questions nor misrepresented their value proposition. Some of their stuff represents a good value to me and some doesn’t. That’s the beauty of a market economy - I get to make that choice instead of someone else.

So, the OP is neither correct nor incorrect; the OP simply made a choice and unhappy with it. I might have suggested a different approach to the problem, as others above have done. It is now too late for that. The only thing left to do is reflect, relax and enjoy some music.

Dear all, many thanks for your opinions and your comments perhaps I  couldn't explain myself properly, initially contacted Mcintosh dealer they said they do not have firmware update v1.02 they advised me to contact Mcintosh directly in sincerity they also warn me that their customer support slow but surely they would help you however reception I've received from them as explained before disappointed as mentioned by hgeifman (they should have make update process bullet proof) . also I'm aware that firmware upgrade does not have impact on sound but I  believe it is essential (A Firmware update improves the functionality and features of your device. It can provide fixes to any performance issues that may occur. With the ever-changing advances in technology, a firmware update also helps a device remain competitive with newer models)

once again many thanks for your suggestions really appreciated .




I often think about firmware updates, but never get around to it.  Kinda figure, right or wrong, since the equipment is hooked up to the Ethernet that it would update itself.  A couple of times when I checked the status of my McIntosh gear it said it was up to date.  Not sure if that is right or wrong but works for me.  

To the point, I always get great customer service when I call Mac. Each person on the other end of the phone has a unique personality, but they all get the job done. Sometimes stoically but hey, we all have our moods, right.  Never been not directed in the right direction.  Ron Cornelius was awesome. He kept threatening to retire.  I never email.  Always call so the Q&A on both sides is efficient.  

Send it in and have them update it for you if the update is something that you want to have done.