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Napping while listening
Retired at 60 and love it.  Busy as ever.  How did I find the time before. Listening to every record I own and entering it into Discogs.  A multi year process.   
Mcintosh customer support
I often think about firmware updates, but never get around to it.  Kinda figure, right or wrong, since the equipment is hooked up to the Ethernet that it would update itself.  A couple of times when I checked the status of my McIntosh gear it said... 
Rigid outlets for Heavy cables
@erik_squires  OMG, I have been looking for ages to find something that brings the outlets forward from the box.  I have a bunch of add on outlets and poor do-it-yourself construction in this house that we recently purchased.  Often times the met... 
WiFi Satellite Causing Phono Stage Interference
@erik_squires  Hey Eric, just an FYI for ya, and for me actually.  I purchased a iFi power cord.  I tried that cord where the Orbi is (has been).  Some minor change but didn’t remove the fluttering phono stage meter. Then I moved the Orbi away an... 
Humminguru record cleaner
Is this Shaklee Stuff really OK to use on LPs?  I question household cleaners on vinyl, just out of principle, not out of experience.   
WiFi Satellite Causing Phono Stage Interference
@erik_squires  Yes, I have the Ethernet going directly from the Orbi to the streamer. I have a Mac Power Conditioner (Controller) and the Orbi is plugged into it, with all the other components. Not sure what it means to keep it out of the clean ... 
What happens when the stylus tip wears out on a $12,000 cartridge?
@chayro Thanks for the response.  I have two turntables, in different rooms, with the same cartridge.  I think I will call these outfits and ask about retipping for my specific cartridge.  Would really like to know if it is worn.  Then, if the one... 
What happens when the stylus tip wears out on a $12,000 cartridge?
I still wonder how you know your cartridge needs to have the stylus tip replaced? Other than the purchase of a $1200 microscope, how do you know. I don’t track the hours played. Plus, if a stylus starts to degrade, it is a gradual process and I wo... 
Favorite Obscure Rock Song
Sufficiently Breathless by Captain Beyond   
How noisy is my line? Audio Prism Noise Sniffer
I had a demo of the audio sniffer thingy.  It really worked.  Plugged into outlets and they were quite noisy.  Then plugged into a power conditioner and which had barely any noise coming from the sniffer.  
Does a turntable mat make any difference?
If turntable mats were a good idea they would come with higher end turntables, which they don’t. Plus, as said, adding a mat elevates the LP and there you need to make adjustments to the arm and stylus. What happens if you A-B three or four mats. ... 
Tube Phonostage Causing Rumble and Noises
Do you have a modem or internet satellite (like an Orbi) close by?  I notice that my phono pre-amp meters have activity when the Orbi satellite is close by.  
Why No McIntosh Recommendations?
I listen to a metric ton of really high end equipment.  Much of it is quite analytical.  McIntosh is a lovely warm sound.  A natural sound.  The sound of live performances.  I am sold on my McIntosh / Sonus Faber System.    
Keb Mo
I interviewed him back in the 1990's.  Told him that I think he needs to record an album with Cassandra Wilson.  I think the paring would be magical.  
Robert Plant
I like most all of us of that age listened to them in high school.  Yes, we were pummeled by them on FM radio. Then I got a bootleg set of their MSG shows (75 I think).  All of them and the whole shows.  I could not believe that the length of eve...