McIntosh early C20 brass bar faceplate restoration


I am attempting to restore a tarnished brass volume face plate and frame along with an internal cleaning of plexiglass plates as well. 

Problem. The brass frame will not allow for removal of the face plates. They fit quite tight within the channel thus not leaving enough play to slide the plates out. The only way I can see is to cut one end of the frame to slide it out then re braze the frame. But..heat from re brazing worries me with the plexiglass being 3 inches away. 

I am hoping someone has tried this restore and found a better way. 



I looked up pictures of the C20, and it seems that you might have other problems. First, you will lose all of the lettering, and how will you get that back? Second, I'm pretty sure that it's not brass, but some sort of anodized coating on aluminum, in which case you wouldn't really be able to duplicate the color.

Thanks very much for the reply. I figured out how to get everything apart tonight so went at it.  It turned out quite stunning if I do say so my self.