McIntosh MA252 owners, one SMALL problem

Just took ownership of my new MA252 integrated. WOW, love it. Reminds me of my old 6500 and 6900 units. Glad to be back in the McIntosh club. Promise not to leave again. Completely love the overall sound and the looks, with the exception of maybe the MA352 and some of the Ayon equipment, the 252 is about as handsome as it gets. Stunning.
My only question is way would McIntosh elect to put a reddish orange standby LED light on the front display? It is frivolous I know, but I was wondering if anyone has asked an authorized repair shop to change out the for a green led?
Classic First World problem. I love Mac too, but you need to get over this one.
No, honestly I would never have started this post if it did. The damn red stays on always, never goes off.

The red stand by, turn it all the way off.
BUT green, it’s just not Mac.. :-)

Macs light up in the "ON" position mute and roll up to the last volume if you have it set that way, or they mute.

Besides "green means ON", or "GO" it’s not either. It’s a standby.. Like ol what’s her/his name. :-)

I cut a very very small piece of electrical tape and put it over the light on my MC462. Problem solved. You can’t see the tape from just a few feet away. Kind of forgot it was there.