McIntosh mc202 or not?

I can get a bargain on a one owner mc202 if I buy the c15 with it. 

I have a new Rotel RC 1590 and would not keep the c15. 

My speakers are 2 month old KEF R 900 three ways. 

Is the mc202 outdated?

superceded by better sounding amps?  (I’m not a tube guy. I’ve heard this amp for years and love it.)

opinions of any kind appreciated!
i owned both for almost a decade
great sound out of both
if the C15 is a bargain i will buy it in a heartbeat....

I have it. It is absolutely mint and the plastic is still on the remote!  If you are interested, I’m in Seattle and it is for sale. (C15)
if your're not a 'perfectionist' i don't think the mc202 is outdated. i have a mc602 built before the mc202. if your're happy with it's sound don't worry about it!!
Thanks!  I flew transports for years and bass is about all I can really hear well.