McIntosh MC240 needs restoration.

I just picked up a McIntosh MC240. It's a little rough cosmetically, buts sounds good. Still, I'm looking for a recommendation for restoration services. I wanted to send it to Terry Dewick, but they are closed until. March AND his current backlog is 100 days.

I'm also looking for recommendation/source for tubes.

There is a business in up state New York that restores older Mcintosh gear. I think it's called Audio Classics. I have heard they have a good reputation.

Totally agree with Taters , send it to Audio Classics in Vestal NY. Call them first and you can get a original box or one that will keep it safe for shipping.  They have tubes for it as well, another great place to get tubes is

Matt M                                                            
Definitely Audio Classics.  Talk to Ryan.  Matt has the right call on the box, too.  Don't fool around.

Ditto Audio Classics.
Richard Modeferi did my MX-110 Z thru them..incredible job including the RIMO filter mod.
your amp will be in good hands
BTW I have a 240 also..awesome amp