McIntosh MC275 V jumper cables/ wires for parallel use

Hello Everyone,

I'm going to utilizing two McIntosh MC275s in parallel mode to drive a set of Vandersteen Quatros.  I wanted to know what MC275 owners are using/ have used as their jumper wire/ cables with setting up the amps in a parallel application along with their experiences with doing so.  Is choosing a higher quality jumper wire/ cable important or is this an area where it's not as important?  If possible, what jumpers should I consider/ look into?

Any experiences or tips with running a set of MC275s in parallel is also welcome.

Thank you.


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The Older Macs can be in series or paralleled. Look at the schematic for a 240 or 275. A pair of MC30 or 60 same thing.. You can stack the old  Macs..

Bridged is in series. Usually 8 ohms is the lowest you want to go.

Paralleled a Mac will do 2 ohms. RUNS HOT but it will push 2 ohms in parallel. SQ wise, YUK!! you need to be at least 6-8 ohms to help it out.

Mac has a sound, stacked or in parallel they do sound different.. Parallel is better in MOST cases.. Distortion goes up .5 to 1-2%. You'll hear 2% if your speakers are revealing at ALL. Usually high E speakers.. 90+

The weird thing is you might like the 2% distortion.. Just a tube thing..
I like it just a tad cleaner. .5 is plenty at 1-10khz

Got it, looks like a bridge circuit. I'm not a hybrid amp expert, so I'm going to stay out of it. Guessing that when you are using output transformers, that may be called parallel. Good luck!
From what I understand of setting these amps as single-channel amp, McIntosh calls this "Parallel" versus that of "Bridged".  I read somewhere there's a difference between the two, but I cannot recall what that difference is.  So yes, I would like to run these MC275s as monos (one MC275 for the right-channel, & another MC275 for the left-channel).  When running these in parallel, the amp does still "see" the speakers OHMS at half.  So the 16ohm tap on the amp is needed for a set of 8ohms speakers. 

Thank you for asking on this. 

Help me understand your term parallel. Are you talking about bridging each MC275 amplifier for mono use?