McIntosh MC300 vs McIntosh MC7300 any differences?

I am looking to buy a used McIntosh MC300 or MC7300. From the information I can gather on the internet, these two amps are almost identical. the MC300 was manufactured between 1995-1998 & the MC7300 manfactured between 1991-1995. The specs on these two amps are identical even the weight of the amps are the same.
If any one has lisened to these two amps and made comparrisons, please share them with me. Thanks, Mike.
the only real differences are resale price & that the mc300 has its gain controls located on the rear of the amp in a very hard to use location.

go for the mc7300.

the earlier 7300's had a more narrow chassis....collectors covet this. sonically they are dead on neutral and power enough to drive anything
Thanks for the information. It's much appreciated. I am a novice with MAC equipment, and am just getting interested in the their stuff. Did both of these amps use McIntosh's "Auotformers" output transformers? Thanks, Mike
What Class of Amplification is the MC300 & MC7300? Class "A", class "AB" Push Pull? Thanks, Mike
If you want an amp with crazy amounts of power, check out the MC7200 instead. It, unlike the other two, doesn't have autoformers and so its power output essentially doubles with a halving of impedance. I love mine.

McIntosh feels that Class AB push-pull is best and so all their amps are this way.

The gain controls are actually more useful than you may think, as Bigjoe alluded to. They make gain matching with a preamp's volume control very easy and give you balance capability if your preamp doesn't have it (like mine). Good luck! Arthur