mcintosh mc601 vs plinius reference vs pass xa100.8

hi, i have a dynaudio c4 confidence, mcintosh mc601 ampllfiers  i want a new and a upgrade in relation to the 601,
there are two options, plinius reference stereo amplifier and pass xa100.8 mono amplifiers.
This amplifiers are better tna mac 601?, PLINIUS REFERENCE OR PASS XA100.8?
Please a conclusion about my question

Upgrade? More like different, at this point your talking about differences in the way they sound, and only YOU can decide whats best for your ears. I do know that McIntosh + Dynaudio is a very good match. So you really have to audition these amps your self.

Matt M
I think what Matt said is correct. You need to listen to all 3 and make your decision based on that. They are all capable of driving you're Dyn's.
Believe me, I understand all too well the constant upgrade itch.  But trading amps or speakers are the most expensive and biggest hastle to swap.  It's cheaper and easier to change flavors via source, cabling, tube rolling, etc....
Having owned all three makers running into C4s Id say the Mcintosh is the worst match of the three.Mac is way too tubby and slow for those speakers..Either Pass or Plinius would be a big step up,IMO,I run Plinius right now.
Don't rule out the Luxman M800A. Although a little different, I used to own Mcintosh Mc402, Plinius SA103, and Pass Labs X350.5. These 3 amps have their good qualities but the Luxman combines them all for me which i chose to keep.
Hi i'm very happy with my Lamm hybrid M1.1 that drive the confidence c4,astonish sound.

I tried the Pass XA100.5 on my C4 mkII, didn't like them.  Currently, I have the Ayon Tritton III and Musical Fidelity Nu-vista for the C4. I switch back and forth between the 2 amps, depending on my mood.  Ayon has more sparkles while MF Nuvista is smoother and has more bass.
I've been using the combo : McIntosh MA8000 + Dynaudio Contour K5.4 for nearly two years, and it sounds great.