McIntosh MC611and MC1.25KW-how do they sound compared to 601's and 1.2KW

Long time selling and buying on Agon but first time positing.  Just sold my 1201's and was planning to upgrade to the 611's or the 1.25KW's. However, I am on hold now as I have heard from two sources that McIntosh has "re-voiced" the amps.  Both guys felt the high end was hard and difficult to listen to at anything above a whisper. Both guys sold their 1.25KW's within weeks. Does anyone have any experience either comparing these new amps to their predecessors and/or with similar mono blocks?

I really enjoyed the 1201's with my speakers. Just decided to change as we were moving and had to crate them up anyway. 

I have DynAudio C4 Platinum Confidence speakers, McIntosh C1100 pre. Linn TT with the full boat Linn treatment, etc. 

Any advice or insight would be appreciated. 
I have not heard that.  Over at  Audio Afecianado in the McIntosh section, a few of the guys have upgraded and they are all in agreement and singing praise.  No one is talking about harshness in the highs or any harshness at all.  The amps aren't re-voiced, they are now quad balanced which makes them quieter.  I heard the amps at Audio Classics driving a pair of Legacy speakers (the expensive ones with the Wavelet processor)  and the sound was "to die" for.
I have a friend that had them less than a month and even after running them 24/7 with a signal for weeks he found them unlistenable at anything above low levels on both Strad's and Studio 2's.  He had previously owned 303, 452, 601's and 1.2kw's in the past along with multiple Mc tube amps so not a Mc novice. Even Ivan the owner of AA and long time Mc dealer prefered the 1.2kw to the new 1.25kw.  Take that un-altering praise of all things McIntosh on AA with a grain of salt at least as anything with Big Blue meters is good to many of them.  Also it takes a "big man" to admit you ordered amps in that price range unheard and then didn't like them as they are not an in-stock item to most Mc dealers.
I reached out to Ivan but haven't heard back.  Why not talk to Mike at Audio Classics and see what he says?  He is extremely honest and would never steer you wrong.  An example, I have a MC152 power amp and was going to go up to an older 250wpc power amp (MC252).  He advised me against it, said mine sounded much better.  He saved me a few grand after trade in.
Thank you guys.  Went over to AA and the conversation is very positive for the change to the 611/1.25KW's from the 601/12K's. Looks like most listeners agree the amps are an improvement not a step backwards. Not sure why some guys think it sounds harder than the predecessor. Subjective issues are tough to quantify.
 I spoke with McIntosh and they state that the audio circuity is the same.  Changes were increased reserve in PS (increased headroom), meter lights and cosmetics. They state they did extensive listing tests with various speakers. To my mind it defies logic for a company like McIntosh to come out with a product that is not (at least) as good as the previous model.  I have been to the factory and know they are an engineering based manufacturer. I going to go with my gut and trust them. I will write up a review after they are on line and broken in.  

I have had a pair of MC1000's in my main listening room for 15 years. They are flawless and sound great.I recently decided to purchase a brand new pair of MC1.25KW's .The only way to describe them is "nothing short of spectacular ".l'm using them to drive a pair of original Infinity 9 Kappa's using C50 pre amp MCD600 cd player .l played Andrea Bocelli "l found my love in Porto Fino" for my wife and she stared crying and said "it sounded like l was there.My audiophile friends are astonished at the sound of these amps and so am l.Every time l use them it's a real treat.One thing l must say most products over time get cheaper and lighter. ....not the case here! Got to tip your hat to Mcintosh...truly amazing audio gear.
15% price increase on the mc462
in Ontario it’s now $15200 to buy one .....
That amp is $9000 US. CAN retail should not exceed $12k. $15,200 CAN is way over priced, show elsewhere if this dealer is not willing to come down below $12k man. I am in Vancouver and our local Mac dealer over inflates stating exchange as the cause on their prices too, its really annoying.  
I have them from 4 months. I had doubts during listening and then I paired them with C1100. That was the key to heaven. Those two was meant to work together. Both are state of the art, class in its own. I wish I did not tried 611 in this combo but 1.25 looks like hell also. You do not have to change C1100  tubes even, no need it sounds great from the box. Huge, dynamic and delicate at the same time sound that has the ability to punch you from the ground or seductively whisper. I found that I have to give a chance to my old recordings that sounds to chaotic or not interesting. Even tho my listening room is not perfect (too small) each sound has its place. The vocals are so real and express so much texture that act as an instruments as well. Recently I feed my rig with PS-20 regenerator. The is improvement of course but mostly from CD and DAC side. 1.25 and 1100 seems to be solid states for its own. I keep them connected  for additional security in-spite the reseller assures me the 1.25 has triple protection. I simply fill I got golden egg I have to keep safe. It really sound so fantastic. Try them together and forget the call of change. They brought peace to my heart.
after next 4 months they sound even better, it seems they require long burn in time but it is worth to wait for final result... thank you MC!!!! thank you!!!!
Thank you for the very positive report.  So many audiophiles really “don’t get” McIntosh and their house sound.   I love my McIntosh equipment, and only wish I had indulged much earlier in my audiophile life with this brand.  I bet I would have saved tens of thousands over the years.   Best of luck with your system and I hope it keeps you smiling. 

Small update to my last post.

I still own MC1.25s with C1100 but I started to use NOS tubes in 202. Currently Marconi and Sylvania.

Huge upgrade in all aspects.

Generally it is worth to upgrade each tube MC with NOS replacements. 
Whats seems to be pretty obvious take me some time to implement in my rig (the C1100 sounds great with it own). 

I also found that DCS Rossini perfectly fits with this combo. You will not be disapointed. Rossini caused my turntable become nice looking passive equipment :) It is so good.


Excelent set.