McIntosh MC7200 - fuse question

Any comments on if the sound / character of my Mac would change by replacing the fuse with a ceramic or audiophile grade fuse.

Clarity!! You won't notice a huge change but it's a good tweak.

HiFi Tunning?
The fancy fuses are definitely worth the money as long as your speakers are good enough to reveal the difference. I use Isocleans myself.

Amp already had a ceramic fuse.

Wrapped it in alum foil, and found no difference in sound.

Wondering if this is a good test whether the current fuse can be improved by an "audiophile grade" variety.
"Wrapped it in aluminum foil"

I don't know what you intended to accomplish, but it sounds like by wrappiong the fuse in aluminum foil you may have disabled the purpose of a fuse. I assume this was a temporary thing, just to see how it would sound to bypass the fuse, but in case not, if you have a need for the fuse it won't work and you'll damage the amp at a minimum, could damage the speakers, and worst case scenerio you could cause a fire and burn down the house!