McIntosh MPC500 vs Inakustik 3500P

If you were to choose between either the McIntosh MPC500 and the Inakustik AC-3500P Power Conditioners, which would you take?
If your system is all McIntosh then its obvious which one, otherwise, McIntosh makes power amplifiers not power conditioners! McIntosh has not been around for decades and decades because of their "power conditioner technology"!!!

Your Welcome
Matt M
I have read at least one good thread on the 3500P. It was highly touted. I ask mostly because I always wonder about a company that might specialize in something, vs another company that has a lot more $$$ to throw into R&D (McIntosh, in this case). McIntosh certainly isn't known for their power tech, but they may have the bankroll to create one better than any other (or at least better than Inakustik). That all said, I think I'm going with the 3500P. Huge fan of their interconnects and speaker cables.
The one that sells for more. 😏 Mc doesn't make their own top of the line conditioner.