McIntosh Mx130 question

Hi All,
I'm coming into a McIntosh MX 130 unit, with a McIntosh six channel amp. I've heard it's excellent (it will be my first McIntosh piece), but it has no HDMI capabilities. I'd love to use this with my new plasma TV and Blu-ray player. How can I get the most out of this without HDMI in or outputs?

Can I simply run the HDMI directly from my Blu-ray player to the TV and use conventional interconnects for the sound from the McIntosh to my speakers?

Thanks in advance.
You never really own McIntosh. You are just holding it for the next generation to own
Well stated Vernneal. As much as I like Mcintosh because it is so well built and I know that it can be in my last will and testament. I always want the newest model.