McIntosh MX132 W/ ML Aeris I

Does anybdy have any experience with Martin Logan Aeris I speakers, Bryston 9bthx and McIntosh MX 132 Preamp Process. I am looking for musical smoothness. Some of the High end are too analytical for this setup. Any suggestions
I've lived with Aerius i's and reQuests, and I think I know what you're talking about: the ML's top-end can sound aggressive, etched, or a bit "overly-promoting" of the HF detail. If this is what you you're talking about, here are some suggestions on ways you might be able to address it. As for the cheapest approach, I've found certain interconnects can make the top end less aggressive but still detailed. Two suggestions I'll offer - MIT 330 series interconnects and Harmonic Technology Truth Link. You'll lose a bit of top end extension with either cable, but for the Aerius i's, I think you'll find this provides a better balance rather than a loss of music. Next option up in price range would be changing speaker cables. Don't know what you are currently using. I found Cardas Golden Cross worked well for speaker cable run from a solid state amp (McCormack DNA-1). You may also want to try HT Truthlink, MIT 750's, or one of the more expensive Transparent cables. And if you are looking to change the amp or preamp, you might want to look at tubes to drive your MLs. Hope this info helps. I'm sure others will be able to offer some more possibilities for you to explore. Once you get the system dialed in to the MLs, they can be very enjoyable. However, be advised that (like most other revealing speakers) poorly-recorded CDs will always sound a bit harsh on the ML's (at least I haven't found a way to avoid this without sacraficing the majic of the panels). Don
Barbuckle are you looking to change some equip around. I own aerius i and have taken some huge steps improving there performance, Djjd is correct in that poor recording will sound harsh, but thats life with panels. I'm not big on Mcintosh and Martins, IMO they don't mate well. Bat pre amps and amps sound great with martins, used 3i I've seen for $1,000 and used vk200 as low as $1,600. I've had bryston with the martins and it sounded pretty good, sold it for the bat.