Meadowlark Ospreys.. fighting under their weight class?

could use a little help and advice...please

I've been upgrading components over the past few years. Was at CES this year in Vegas and visited most of the high end audio booths to hear the latest gear and, well, wow.. amazing time to be into audio. Just impressed.

I would like to know if my speakers aren't up to the league of my components or am I just artificially enamored by demo gear..

I bought Meadolwark Ospreys which are gorgeous speakers in 2004, new from a respected audio dealer in Atlanta. Fast forward to 2017 and I've upgraded everything but the speakers:

Pass Labs XP20 Line Pre
Pass Labs XP15 Phono
VPI Prime, Clearaudio Maestro V2 MM
VTL ST150, MAC 275, Mac 240, currently with VTL
Grover Huffman cables
reasonable room treatment

I listen to LPs 3-4 nights a week which keeps me at peace. Are the Ospreys a weak link? The auditions at CES were just incredible.

I have owned multiple Meadowlarks including the Osprey (I even still have my huge ultra rare Osprey center channel laying around).

They're great speakers, but I bet anything you upgrade to would be very satisfying for you.  I'm sure you are also just bored of their sound.  That's a long time.

Whats your budget?
Maybe I am bored. The great speakers I heard at CES, like Vandersteen and Focal were more detailed and more full range if that makes sense. Certainly more bass. 

Budget Of 15-20k but plan to keep for 10+ years, just like my automobiles. 

Thanks for the response contuzzi.
Trust your ears!

I had a pair of speakers for 30 years - why? because I could not find anything remotely close to their price range that could compete with their sound.

Over the years I had them re-foamed and the crossovers rebuilt - which made them even better.

I finally replaced them a couple of years ago simply because I heard a speaker that sounded significantly better - but they were 4 times the price.

So if you like the sound of your Ospreys and they work well with your other components - keep em!

But it sounds as though you have heard something better - trouble is -  do you really need to scratch that $15k itch?

Also - was it the speaker that sound so good or the rest of the system ?

When i bought my speakers I took the amp and the cables to the store and auditioned what would become my system - why not take your speakers to the dealer and do  side by side?

For $15k you could probably get them to do an in home demo 

Just a thought

Good luck :-)
You have great electronics so the chances are whatever speakers impressed you at the show will sound even better in your own home. At least that's been my experience, albeit limited, when I heard speakers at shows in those dinky room setups.
At CES you listened to complete systems, not just speakers. Its just something to keep in mind. Your current speakers are still very good. The one recommendation I would make is once you get used to time and phase correct speakers, its difficult to listen to other designs. Since you heard and like Vandersteen, I think that would be your best option. Your current speakers are very laid back. Vandersteen's are more lively without going too far.
GTS1 - if you gotta scratch that itch...

One speaker that springs to mind and in your budget, that would work very nicely with your gear - is the Tannoy Prestige line. 

They can be a little difficult to source, but coupled with tube gear, will   provide a smooth and effortless life-like reproduction.

Don't let the looks fool you - they do look a little "old fashioned" but for years Tannoy has employed advacned features, like cabinet bracing, that other brands are now advertising as "advanced".

A friend of mine in audio sales has told me that most people that buy Tannoy seldom replace them. 

Something to think on

Budget of $15-20K? You should not even be thinking twice about this! With a budget like that you will be able to procure a transducer which would walk all over the Osprey's performance. It's a simple matter of what you get for the money. The osprey may be very nice, but it's obviously limited much more so than a great number of $15-20K speakers. You can get into an entirely different class of performance. This is one of the questions that the obvious answer is yes, make the move. 

With a budget like that you also should consider whether you want a panel speaker. Completely different world with a big panel as opposed to a smaller tower like the Osprey. You have a LOT of room to move upward in performance no matter which direction you go, and it seems you have the motivation and means. It would be a shame for you to get stuck with a smallish tower and never get a slice of the experience of a larger, more capable tower. 
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Thank for all the great input. The suggestions on the Tannoy is interesting as I've always seen great reviews but never have heard them. I want to move up the ranks in speakers to meet there grade of the electronics but don't want to be underwhelmed after spending a lot of money.

Went to Audio Visual in San Francisco yesterday and left with an upgrade to MC with the Lyra Delos. Chris there said it would give me much more detail and expand the soundstage, much of what I loved so much at the CES demo's. I'm installing it now and will check back with you great people.

Maybe this will scratch the itch for a while. 

The panel speakers for a larger sound have become a priority for a listen, and of course the Tannoy range.

Big thanks.
Late to the party, but just happened upon your post here.  I enjoyed a pr. of Pat's Osprey's for 8+ yrs, all the while bringing in occasional contenders just for comparison.  Could never find a design that matched the quality of build and sound that the Ospreys were, until....Daedalus audio.  Different concept in a tower, but beautiful, organic sound and solid wood design, sim. to Meadowlark (fyi, I note a pr. of Blue Heron II's just came up on the 'gon).  If you have not otherwise moved on from the Ospreys, I might suggest connecting with Lou at Daedalus Audio.  Certainly within your stated budget.   
There are two classes of loudspeakers, i.e., Tannoy and everything else. 

But only the Tannoy Prestige line are worth owning, unless you can find a used pair of 215 DMT II studio monitors -- which are no longer in production.
If I didn't own Tannoys, I'd be tempted to try the Meadowlark Blue Heron II's that were just listed on Audiogon for a good price.