Meadowlark Ospreys II ? Low Feq. Response?

How are the Meadowlark Ospreys (series II I think, the current modle) for base response? Some transmission line speakers can sound a bit lacking.

Please let me know!

Dr Ken
Hi Dr. Ken,

I auditioned the Ospreys in my room (22x20x10.5) after hearing them at the dealers house. They sounded great in the dealers room. There was plenty of bass. The dealers room was approx. 30x15x7 speakers set up on the long wall. When I got them to my room the bass was missing in action, the speakers became very lean and forward. I tried many different positions in the room but they were always no more than 8' feet from my listening position. That may have had some effect. From what I've read with first order designs you may need to be further back. But I was that close at the dealer and they were fine. The look and the build quality are outstanding and I was very disappointed they didn't work. So, they can sound wonderful but as with any component try them in your room. As they say YMMV. Hope this helps.

ACK! Hmmm, that worries me! How far from the wall behind them were they? Was this different than the dealers?
Was it you who just sold the Silver Sigs? I have Silver Sigs too and I've been considering the Ospreys myself. It's VERY IMPORTANT that the Meadowlark's are given at least 200 hours to break in before making a "no go" judgement on them. You have to make yourself either relax and wait or crank them everyday you leave for work. Why it takes that long I haven't a clue, but it does. Once they're broken in though, you won't regret it. I've heard about many pairs returned or sold before they had broken in because people get so frustrated and disappointed, and that's a shame. If you could crank them for eight hours a day while you're at work, it still would take at least 25 days, and that is a long time for an audiophile.
Dr Ken,

They were 36" from the back of the speaker to the front wall. I had them as close as 12" at one time. According to the dealer they were well broken in. And I auditioned them for three weeks in my room. Again, in the dealer demo room they were fine. Could be the high ceiling in my room and overall volume of my room was just to much for them.

Meadowlark is an excellent company with an excellent reputation. You should hear them for yourself. I only suggest it is in your room with your equipment. Good luck.


Yep thats me with the silver sigs. Do not get me wrong the silver sigs are one of the best speakers ever produced. However, the listening window for them is very small. If your are in it, great! If not, so-so, and I want more base in a speaker.

I am also considering a pair of von 4's.
That's interesting, because we're on the same page. Go to and check out Wayne Donnelly's reviews of the Osprey and the Von Schwiekert VR-2's and there's also a review shootout between the two.

I emailed Wayne and asked him if a comparison against the VR-4jr's was coming since the 4's and the Osprey's are more in line moneywise. He told me that he had just come from an initial listening session with the VR-4jr's and his reaction was "Wow!". He's in the process of reviewing them now.

Like I said, I've heard the Osprey's but not the Von S's, but the people and dealers I've talked to say that the VR-4jr's are awesome, and even the VR-2's at $2500.00 will rock your world.

The funny thing is, I think that I want new speakers because I've had the Silver Sigs for so long, it's time for the "new car". Honestly, I still have to smile and say "this really sounds good" everytime I sit down and listen to my system. I replaced my Krell pre-amp and amp and Theta GEN III DAC with the Musical Fidelity A308cr pre_amp and amp, and the Tri-Vista DAC. I added the DAC last because it was on order, but after I put the DAC in the system, my bass now actually vibrates the items in my room with the low synth notes from Enya. The bass is clean and tight with no boom at all. You may consider looking into your electronics and accessories as well as speakers for more bass.

Samac, I didn't mean anything bad in what I said. I've heard unbroken in Meadowlarks that I wouldn't even consider after hearing them. Then I finally heard the Osprey's that were broken in and they were really nice. I didn't audition them at home like you did, and who knows what might have happened if I had. I've seen some speakers that just don't sound right in given places no matter what you try or have heard somewhere else.
Hey Krell man, I know you didn't. I wanted to make sure people new the conditions the were auditioned under and the fact that I believe Meadowlark is an outstanding company. Also, I believe you cannot over state how important an audition with your equipment and your room is. I learned that the hard way. Dang near knocked me out of this hobby. Take care.

My Ospreys really opened up in the 180 to 200 hour range and I heard improvements up to about 500 hours.
I agree, if you can in or close to the sweet spot the Silver sigs are amazing! But in todays dollars they are probably a pair of 12,000$!
"Krell Man" is correct in his last statement..."Then I finally heard the Osprey's that were broken in and they were really nice. I didn't audition them at home like you did, and who knows what might have happened if I had. I've seen some speakers that just don't sound right in given places no matter what you try or have heard somewhere else..."

Like all speakers, the proper placement is key to achieve the "sweet spot" of your listening position area.

I run my Ospreys II (and Nighthawks) with 200w/ch. with McIntosh Amps, and they really sound outstanding, surpassing European speaker lines like the Sonus Faber (which utilize the same driver elements) and also US made Wilson Maxx II or Puppies II, which all of them use the same drivers by Vifa, ScanSpeak and Focal, but these speaker manufacturers charge an arm and a leg (way overpriced!), sometimes 4 to 5 x as much, for speakers lines that are even more finicky towards their placement, break-in, and sound performance. (But they advertise constantly in the TAS and Stereophile! to receive favorable reviews).
I will be receiving a pair of Osprey's later this week! They are replacing a pair of Meadowlark Kestrels so the comparison should be interesting.
the ospreys are not among the finest when it comes to top to bottom flat response. they sound quite musical with acoustic music, but jazz and rock 'out' their shortcomings
95% of my listening is rock, the rest is jazz and I'm very pleased with my Ospreys. Its true if you are looking for the very highest volume level that they are probably not the right speakers. But they put out enough, even in a large room. Response seems flat enough when listening, but I haven't actually measured them.

But its really a moot point now isn't it (with Meadowlark's demise)?