Mechanical problem with bluesound vault 2i and their technical support

About three weeks ago I bought a Bluesound Vault 2i. After two weeks of loading about 200 of my CDs (out of some 1000 that I own) I noticed a problem. When the last cd was ejected, part of a thin, black “belt“ or “gasket” came out of the CD slot with the CD. Definitely, not a good sign. There was no way I was going to put another CD in there. I called bluesound technical support, FIVE TIMES! No response. I left messages. Even pressed the option for “emergency“. I also filled out two support requests. It has been a week and I have not yet had any response whatsoever from bluesound. A couple of days after the problem occurred, I called the dealer that sold me the unit. I sent them a photo of the problem and I told them I had no response from bluessound and that I did not want to deal with them. They said they will definitely take the unit back and send me a new one, no charge. I am currently waiting for the new one to be shipped. I am grateful that the dealer (Audio Lab) was so responsive and very willing to ensure their customers’ satisfaction. (I took a backup before I sent out the broken unit. I sincerely hope that the bluesound backup and restore program works!)

Anyone else out there have mechanical issues with their vault or the bluesound technical support team?