Meridian 24-bit Upgrade: Perpetual?

I have a Meridian 506 (the three-year old 18-bit model) CD player. It was great in its time but now I want to upgrade to 24 bits. I'm mulling over whether to get the Meridian upgrade for $699 or to buy a Perpetual P-3 instead (for around $550), using the 506 only as a transport. Any advice?
Find a Meridian dealer with a 506-24 and explain that you are thinking about upgrading your 506-18. He should let you borrow the 506-24 to make the comparison. Never heard the Perpetual P3, but their web page says they have a thirty-day money back guarantee. So if you are serious about the two then bring them home and listen. That is the only way you will be able to choose. Good luck and Cheers – Dan
I know nothing about Perpetual, but I can highly recommend the Meridian upgrade (as a Meridian improvement). I have a Meridian DAC that I upgraded from 1-bit to 20-bit to 24-bit. I chose to do this after hearing an Audiomat 24-bit DAC kill my 20-bit Meridian. I called Meridian America and talked to a tech about what I heard. He reassured me that it was as much due to 24-bit vs. 20-bit as it did Meridian vs. Audiomat. I chose to upgrade, not switch, because it was economically a better deal. The upgrade was all that was advertised. I don't regret it for a moment. Give Meridian America a call and get the details of the improvment that will be heard even with 16-bit CDs.
I upgraded my 506 and the Sony 777ES sounded better to me. Try the Meridian as a transport with the PT and see what you think. I am using the 777 and a Dodson DAC now, but the PT is worth a try. You will not get the $695 back if you upgrade and don't like it as much as the PT. Good luck.