Meridian 500 or Squeezebox 3

I have the chance to purchase a used Meridian 500 transport but am also considering the SB3. I plan to use only digital output to the Paradisea NOS DAC. Any suggestions to help me decide? Thanks a lot.
As long as the SB3 is modded (add $s), it will sound sweet with the convenience factor of having your music collection at your finger tips :-)
Disclaimer: I have a Bolder's digital mod SB3 with PS MKII
What cdp did the SB3 replace? Is the modded SB3 really that good, i.e. close to the "best of best" cdp out there as reviewed by Scott Faller of
For those of us who seek the ultimate involvement and significant strides in resolution we will need to turn to guys like Wayne at Bolder Cables to perform modifications to the Squeezebox. The modifications performed by Wayne move the ultra-affordable Squeezebox clearly into realm of the best of the best CD players.