Meridian enthusiasts please help.


I am considering the purchase of a set of Meridian DSP 7200 speakers and 808.2 CD player. As I'm usually a vintage analog guy this is a little out of my comfort zone. In addition to the CD player I need to be able to hook up a streamer and a turntable. I assume I'm going to need a preamp for this. Can somebody shed some light on this and possibly suggest some models of preamps that would work for this application.


Hi fellow M owner, I have a Meridian 218 preamp, it's $1000 new. It's a cheap plastic case packed with everything you should need. I've asked around about stepping up to the 818V3 with the ID40 card and response has been yes if the speakers don't have the se upgrade, but not really an audible upgrade if speakers already do full MQA processing. My Meridian system consists of the DSP8000seup, roon nucleus, 218, Rega jupiter cd player by digital coax, fm tuner by rca analog outs, I use usb between nuc and 218. The reason you need to stay with M for the pre is the RC51 cables that feed the speakers.

Thank you for the response. I've done a little more research and found out that my 808.2 can be upgraded to accept the analog card. This seems like a good option for me to do. Would you agree? By doing this I should be able to plug any source In would like and operate it via the remote control. You mentioned the R51 cabling can you expand on the importance of the proprietary cabling to the speakers


I purchased this fabulous system. The dealer upgraded the 808.2 to an 808.2i. Meaning it now has the analogue card and software installed.

sounds as good as anything I have ever had with a superior bottom end.

Happy about the purchase and happy listening to all.