meridian g91a , dsp 5200 spkrs w/o 511 patchbox ??

Need help hooking up G91a with out 511 patch box to 3 dsp 5200 speakers l,r,c . I know it can be done. Thanks Mike

I don't have a G91A personally, but will offer this advice under the assumption it's the same protocol as a 565 or 568. If so, there will be several digital outputs which are numbered. Typically #1-2 feeds your L/R mains in a daisy chain. An M-cable goes from the G to the Master of the two speakers, and then an S-cable goes from the Master to the Slave of the two speakers. Then, an M-cable goes from digital out #3-4 to the center. Both of your M-cable control plugs should also plug into the back of your G (again I assume there are multiple instances of this as there are on the 565.

Of course, you need to configure the processor accordingly, using the M-config software which is pretty straight forward. If you don't have a computer (and a serial cable), I think you can do this using the soft keys on the front of the unit (again, assuming 565/568-like functionality). This requires stepping through menus in a very particular sequence which the manual should expose.

Good luck!
I assume the G91a has a center channel out as well as the 1/1 etc. (I'm using an older meridian) Go to the left/right speaker with the digital lead and a comm from the front out then go out from the left/right to the other speaker. (make sure to tell the speaker if its a left or a right- see the manual) Then go to the center chan with a seperate digital lead in the center out and a comm its the digital leads that are important the comms can be chained.