Merlin Master Bam Alert

My buddy just received his dual mono dual ops bam.The first one sold.He has VSM MXE's.Thought you would like to see his reaction:"There is an uncanny sense of realism.
I was listening in the dark with my eyes closed.
The sense of being in a concert hall was so great that my brain created a seemingly real visual image of where it thought it was.
After the piece ended I just shut the system down. I did not want to take a chance of diminishing the impact of what I had just experienced.
Quite an accomplishment."
I will be receiving my single ended Master Bam shortly and will report my findings in more detail.
i know you will both like the direction it takes.
no beryllium and very coherent but for bigger volume rooms.
Bobby, I don't profess to understand the specifics around making a speaker that's easy to drive, (I mean I know what implies easy to drive but not how you manufacture one that's easy to drive). That being said, is that something you factor into the design of a speaker or is it just a happy coincidence and do you expect new speaker to be as easy to drive as the current models?

or is that getting too detailed and/or too soon to tell?
Hi all,
I would like to correct my statement on Mar 24 about using TAD Hibachi II with my VSM-MXe
Currently, it's ...stupid good :-)
I made 2 mistakes when post comment on 3/24:
1- These Hibachi need more than 50 hrs break-in
2- I "insert" my SBAM in wrong position: should be between CDP and SLP05 (it was between SLP05 and Hibachi)

After 100 hrs break-in and correctly position of SBAM - the whole system is sound darn good, stupid good for $500 monoblocks :-)
Will a BAM be required for the new speaker? Premium/Studio finish? Z-feet or something better than the Z-F that's easier to assemble? No wooden dowel needed(the monkey on back/squirell in my pants...take your pick)?