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Kids, Dogs, and Speakers
Bwahahaha.  Put the dogs outside and listen when the children aren't over.   
Clarus Crimson vs Clear Beyond.
No-one talks about Rowlands anymore
I first heard Rowland at the '96 CES. The equipment was tied to large, multi-driver, multi-column panels(not Infinity or Genesis)in a very large room. This was and is, the most relaxing room I have ever heard💯!   
Why isn't better quality used gear being made available?
Ban him(he reminds me of the 'Cat' guy with his BS posts)!   
Dartzeel w/Other Preamps.
What do/did you do for a living?
Retired Air Force and working for Delta Airlines provides audio "play" money.   
Dartzeel w/Other Preamps.
I should be satisfied as I've been out of audio for 22  years, but now it's starting to knaw at me and I've only had the amp for less than two weeks 😵.   
Dartzeel w/Other Preamps.
How to prevent visitors from touching your system
1)Don't you have a dedicated room? 2)Don't invite anyone over! 3)Display a sign that reflects your thoughts on touching your system!   
Coda FET 02b Balanced Pre vs Newer Preamps
Definitely don't like the looks of Coda stuff. A friend has my Serene and loves it more than his BHK preamp!   
May Dac w/External Clock.
Von,  Does that mean the PS Audio transport is of no use via I2S into the May? My friend has the Mk 1 dac, wants the Mk2 but likes the May for SACD to be used with the PSA transport.   
May Dac w/External Clock.
@hilde, My friend has my Serene/May KTE/Oracle CD2000 and he owns the Red. In his system, the Red is secondary vs the May/Oracle combo.   
May Dac w/External Clock.
1)No, but the Grimm CC1 can still be used via AES/EBU.  2)To see how good it is.   
DAC Compatible with PS Audio SACD Transport
Why not get a dac that's of the same level of quality as the transport?   
Genesis digital lens
Interesting as I bought a mint condition Digital Lens earlier this year.