Merlin owners who have modified x-over?

Who has modifies or would like to modify the merlins, which caps have been used or considered.
Bobby, Bobby who :-)

The problem is we all know you too well my friend! You have helped each and every one us achieve as much or as little as we desire with our set ups. You are never too busy to take the time to answer questions and do it it as a gentleman even when needlessly attacked in these forums.

You have assisted me 10+ years with the greatest customer service and support and helped me wring out the last degree of resolution in my rig in achieving my goal of the absolute sound. For that I say, thank you!
Hey, let me me add to the lovefest... Bobby (like Bob Crump, and Gilbert Yeung, and Aj Conti,....) has been the best advocate of good sound, good advice (thought we might not always agree)... Bobby just wants everyone to have the best f'in sound they can have. period. and he backs up his product. and his speakers kick ass in my room like no other. nuf said. For me or anyone else that has the Merlin's, he wants them to shine for you 2...

Although, if I had to upgrade from the Mxe to some other MXemore I might need a finance plan nowadays!!!

be gentil on the nexy phase der bob'o...

Thank you for your additional information on your choice of components to upgrade and the rational behind the choices.
Thank you for identifying yourself as a manufacturer.
David Pritchard