Merlin question

Using the tsm mx now that I got second hand for an incredible price and love them. As expected, the bass is a little shy now that I'm not using a sub. My question, thinking of going to the vsm. I can only afford used, likely m upgraded to mm. Will the detail from my tsm mx to the vsm-mm be comperable?? Also, I'm using cary cinema 5 amp with a belles 21A pre and audioquest biwire cables. Should I be using the rc network?

Thanks in advance
i responded personally to this question.
please answer the question about the aq wire because if you are doing what i think you are doing, you have the speakers sounding too bright and forward. the tonal balance would be also set to the lean side. i might be able to help.
and yes the vsm mm/super bam has more resolution than the tsm mx.
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My AQ speaker cable has the treble and bass split. The two trebles to the top terminal and bass to the two bottom terminals. Is this setup incorrect? Thanks bobby for always helping us audiogoners out!
i want to talk to you about how far they are apart, how far you are listening to them and what the wire make up is?
if the tweeter gauge is the same as the woofer and they are larger than 15 gauge them you are causing them to sound light weight. you may get more out of a single run of cable to the woofer, jumpers on top them, jumpers to the tweeters posts first and then the rcs. if you have the speakers set up 6 to 6 1/2 feet apart and are listening at over feet or more you are fine. use the aligment tool.
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You may or may not like his products but how often does the manufacturer answer questions about his products on a daily forum basis ? It sings volumes to me !