Metal grilles over Linn Keilidh woofers

Hi there,

I’m in the market for some Linn Keilidh speakers. I’ve seen a pair for sale but they have metal grilles over the woofers, as shown here:

This doesn’t look like a standard grille. Searching the web, I can’t find any mention of Keilidhs with metal grilles. Looking at the Wikipedia article, Speaker grille:

it says that hard speaker grilles limit the output level of the speakers and that higher sound pressure can cause the speakers to distort. I’ve no idea whether the grilles shown in the Keilidh photographs would be a problem though.

Does anyone have an opinion on whether I should avoid these metal grilles?


I have old Linn Sekrits with floor stands in a secondary system. They have those metal grilles, and I've never had a concern that somehow the grilles might be keeping the speakers from performing at their best. 

It would be a strange design decision if they did. ...Although, I have Reference 3A DeCapos that came with grilles of fabric stretched over a thin MDF frame, and those frames did degrade the sound somewhat, so I've never used the grilles. Fine speakers but dumb design decision (which may have been corrected long ago). 

But I have never suspected the Linn metal grille of harming the sound. 

I dont have your speakers...but reading this...I do have atc 19 with the perforated metal grilles...when i first got these i had them for 2 mths and fully broken in...i took off metal grilles for a listen one night...totally different speaker,i was astounded how different it was...i was missing so much detail,ect... and even low end was enhanced...let your ears tell you.