MFSL Stones LP sonics?????

Looking for someone who is familiar with the sound quality of the Stones MFSL Box set. I have a Beatles Box set, and the "punched up" frequency extremes are not only a source of controversy, the 'White Album' is virtually unlistenable. The Stones were never about high quality transcription it seems, but is this set worth 300-400 clams near mint? I just know some of our analog die-hards have heard this set.
The Sones are a great rock band. The mobile fidelity is good, but it may reveil some of the weaknesses in their efforts. If you have the lp's-use "Last" record preserative on them. The lp's I feel are better than the cd's. I prefer anologe. smoother and easier to listen to. better keep them. they are collectors items. goodluck! Steven
If your buying this album for sonics, fgadaboutit, if your after the collector value, well maybe, but it seems a tad high to me.
I can't afford anything like that, so I guess you're more of a die hard than me. I don't know how many LP's are in the set in question, but if these are like MFSL UHQR's, then the price is probably right. But as Loon says, how good could even the master tape itself be, sonically? I love the Stones too, but you might be chasing a phantom that can't be caught. If you're a millionaire and you love the Stones, I wouldn't hesitate.