Micro seiki sx8000 versions

The sx8000 came in two versions one is blue and another is full blown sx8000 mkII that has air bearing and vacuum platter...too cool...

Nice article at audio16-dot-com on that beast!
The new TechDas' technology which is now being offered at around 100k is based on the original Micro Seiki concept. The TW Raven is offering the arm board opportunities of the big Micros. So what do you get for the money when you are looking at these belt driven concepts (with air, wihout air) ? Are there any innovations since 25 years when you look into the wonderful world of Micro Seiki some 25 years ago, a company many do regard today as one of the benchmark companies in turntable building.

I am interested in armbaord option for micro offered by TW ACOUSTICS wHere can i get more info. Cant find it on their website. Thx

what I meant is that TW Acoustics established a system with their TTs also using armboards like it is possible in the Micro Seiki world. I think this was a clever concept. On the other hand when you compare prices even of original MS armboards in comparison to new TW armboards I guess you will not go for TW armboards using them on a MS TT anymore :-)