Micromega Microdrive experiences

has anyone had this small CD transport?
Any comparisons, experiences? How good is it? Any problems with the CDM9 transport, as in several cases?

I borrowed one for a night to audition at home.
It wasn't bad, about the same as the Marantz CD-94 that I had, but not as good as the Parasound CBT2000 that I also had at the time.
However, the dealer wanted $600 for it used. I checked and the only place that would service it was some place in Canada and they wanted a lot to fix it if anything went wrong. So I passed. This was about 7 or 8 years ago and I don't think you can get parts or service on it now.
I'm a big fan of Micromega Dacs but I think their transports are a big risk.
I used a micromega microdrive sevaral years ago,not bad, but it was not in the same class[nor to be fair in the same price range] as the micromega duo 2.1 transport that I eventually purchesed,this was one of the finest transports I have used,it has been replaced a few times by now.Both of these units were totally reliable but maybe I was lucky.

Yes I still have a Duo CD2, I bought it in 1991 and have never had a problem with it. I had trouble with the original DAC which was caused by the electrolitics capacitors, they made a low oscillating noise, but was easily fixed by replacing them. I have a Variodac now which has a built-in volume control, so no Preamp.
This makes a lot of difference.
It's a great pity that Micromega started making more conventional machines!