Mid-fi tube vs high-end SS

Hello everyone. I am new here but not new to audio. I’ve been meaning to buy a high-end permanent SS amp for 2 years now. But not sure how much improvement I can get.


A little about what I have. I use a high-quality tube amp I bought for around $1,500. 55 watts per channel Class A. With upgraded tubes it’s a little over $2,000. The amp I have is the Musical Paradise mp-501 I’ll link below. Using upgraded Kt-170 tubes along with some nos 5693 red tubes and 717-a tubes.


My audio knowledge and listen ability has improved substantially these past few years thanks partly to this tube amp. Sorry for the long-winded intro. My actual question is, how much improvement should I expect going from this tube amp to something high-end SS like the Gato 150 and the incredible DVA M225? Very little reviews on the Gatos, I’m hoping I could get some help here, even anything about the Gato 150 from users would be helpful. Ty




@elliottbnewcombjr  I think you were talking to me about my speaker/amp and location? I live in Boston. It's an unlikely trek from NJ but if opportunity arises, I'd  to have you over and talk some audios and listening to whatever songs come to mind =)

Well, I skirt Boston when I visit my Mother and Brother in Maine. She will be 100 yrs old this coming Feb.

I appreciate the offer. How far in from 495/95 are you? Perhaps we could work out a short visit on the way up or down. 

Let's move to private messages.

You will hear an enormous difference in an SS amp at that budget.  Unfair comparison to your current rig. Perhaps buy a Benchmark off Amazon Prime (30 day return) & give that a try as first step.  Audition and enjoy!