Mids on Infinity Overture 2's

I've had these speakers for 5 years. I've enjoyed them immensely, and they're great with mid-fi receivers (like my Denon 3300). But when hooked up for stereo to my McCormack RLD-1 and DNA 0.5 (Rev. A), the vocals sound...well, not right - or maybe just not like I'd like them to. I can't decide if the vocals are "veiled", "blurred", or just not as up front as I'd like.

For those who have heard these speakers, how would you describe the vocals? I haven't heard many "hifi" speakers, as I've never lived near a city with "hifi" dealers, so I don't have firsthand knowledge of what many descriptions (such as "bright", "warm", "dry", "musical") mean. Getting an idea of how others characterize my speakers would be tremendously helpful.

I have Overture 3s. I have used them with various levels of tube equipment and have heard no fault like you are at a loss of words over. They stopped making them because I don't think they were making money on them...brand name dilution because of lower level products etc. The overtures were their last expensive speakers before they got out of highend...then to come back with their new line.. to reassert the brand name on highend. Your first line makes me think you are looking for someone to agree they are mid-fi and good for that line of equipment. Someone will agree here...but Infinity's track record with speaker design is undeniable. I find their sweet spot is not as large as I would like...but when you are in it everything is right on. I have had vocals right up front-center and sometimes not...source material sensitive like any other speaker. Just my impressions over the last 5 years with them...and I would not have kept them if I didn't like them. Synergy is everything and maybe your system somehow doesn't have it. 2 cents.

It may very well be just a compatibility issue - like you, I've had mine a long time and have been very happy, as long as I ran them with the Denon equipment.

Thanks for your thoughts.