Milty Zerostat - Questions

I recently purchased a new Milty Zerostat gun, but I don't think it's working properly. I need help answering the following:
- Am I using the Zerostat correctly?
- Do I have a defective unit?
- Is this yet more audiophile BS?

I hold the gun about 5" above the spinning record, slowly pulling the trigger (no click). I then point the gun elsewhere when releasing the trigger, and repeat this about 2 or 3 times per side. I can hear a very, very faint burst of air emitted from the gun, but it doesn't sound like very much.

I have a box of recently inherited albums, all of which are in good condition, but have a substantial amount of static cling (and dust). After using the Zerostat in the method described above, I have failed to notice any audible difference. There is still a noticeable amount of pops/crackles when I play the records. Additionally, I have found that the dust particles (or paper particles from the inserts) have not loosened either. The record brush just spreads the crap around, so to speak. These records probably need a good cleaning, but shouldn't the Zerostat help... at least a bit?

Testing the Unit:
Included in the packaging is a small 'plastic bit' that you affix to the nozzle. When you pull the trigger, the light bulb inside the plastic bit should glow slightly, if the gun is in proper working order. When I attempt this test, the light bulb glows very, very faintly, if at all, and only for a short period of time (.5 seconds). The light bulb definitely glows when I pull the trigger quickly and hear a click. So, do I have a defective unit? The instructions on the box made it sound as if the test is hit or miss.

Should I be kicking myself for spending $100 on a plastic gun? Any/all help would be greatly appreciated (sorry for the book).
found a wealth of conflicting information/advice
That's human nature my friend.

I'd like to settle the matter once and for all in this thread.
That ain't gonna happen!!!
It sounds like you need to clean the records first. If they have a lot of dust and static on them, you must remove that first, then use the Zerosat.

Hmm, so let me get this straight - I have to remove the static charge before I use the Milty Zerostat anti-static gun? Does this strike anyone else as completely self-defeating?

For the moment, let's put the old records aside. I have a bunch of new records that are in excellent shape, very clean, but with the odd pop/crackle due to static charge. Why does the Zerostat fail to remove these pops/crackles, even after repeated attempts? What am I missing here?
The pops/crackles are probably not from Static discharge, but are actually particles/mold release/crap, etc. in the grooves. These need to be cleaned with a good wet cleaning.
OK, then allow me to rephrase...

What is the Zerostat actually good for, if everything is attributable to the need for a wet clean?
Face it,you're not happy and feel that you wasted your money.I've wasted plenty of money on crap.It happens to everybody.Cut your losses and move on.