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Bananas rule, spades drool. End of discussion.
I like bananas and rice krispies for breakfast!!!!  
Who out there wants to, or has, validated an amazing cable find?
Mine is bigger than yours!!!!!!  
Any normal size speakers that sound like Volti
Smaller Volti's like the Rival or Razz?  
Basic Troubleshooting: 4 channel automobile system.
You'd probably get more and better responses on an AutoAudio chatroom,  
Chicago 1967 - 2023
Chicago died with Terry Kath. Just my opinion,nothing more.  
Does your system sound “better” after being away?
If I get away from my system for a couple of days, it takes an hour or two to hear what I like about it. I think it's just the nature of the ear/brain connection. I'm not a hearing specialist but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!!!!  
Hidden Gems in Classic Rock Albums
Rolling Stones, "Sister Morphine" and  "Moonlight Mile" from Sticky Fingers. Catch a good buzz,turn off the lights and enjoy. Hell,the entire album is a trip.  
Has Tweek Geek stop selling QSA products?
Contact them and ask. Best to get the word from the horse's mouth.  
Read their feedback. It's not hard to find.  
Dynaudio C4 mk2 or Sony SS-AR2?
Keep what sounds best to you!!!!  
Which receiver to keep, Yamaha CR2020 or HK 630
Keep the one you like best?  
Lucinda Williams' Stories From A Rock n Roll Heart.
Lucinda is a Badass chick, love her.  
Western Electric 12AX7 coming this summer.
Pretty sure the prices will be thru the roof.  
Harbeth 40.3's. Should I buy them?
Call Ty Lashbrook at Tyler Acoustics Phone: 270-691-9500. He will gladly help you .  
RIP David Lindley
Your old lady, is my old lady too.