MiniDisc and external DACs

I'm considering getting a Sony es Mini Disc player/recorder. I'm aware of the slight short comings in quality sound that MD has in comparison to CDs. I'm considering connecting the MD to my DAC for better sonics. Has anyone attempted this or have any information as to why this may or may not be a worth while move?

Martice, I am not experienced with using a DAC with a MD player, but I thought to pass on my experience when I bought my Denon MD-1000. I was able to try six different brands of MD players, and they were mostly very good, but the Denon was in a different class when it came to the sound. Before you pop for the Sony, try to compare it to a Denon if you can. Good luck.
Thanks Bmpnyc. I live in NYC currently. I would like to check out the Denon but have not been able to hear it in person. Can you describe a little in detail what made you pick the Denon over the others? I haven't been able to hear the Sony 333es or the Sony XA20es which ae the 2 inwhich i'm considering getting. However I did own a Sony 930 mini disc deck though and it was ok but I didn't have my DAC at the time. Any input will be greatly appreciated.
Martice, I listened to the MD players at Sound City (45th between 5&6 Avenues, NYC) They are not renowned for quality service, and I doubt if they have such an array of MD players ready for comparing as they happened to have when I chanced by. It wasn't very difficult to decide on which sounded better. The Denon had less of that typical edgy digital hardness and a fuller more defined bass. It sounded much closer to a decent CD player than all the others. If you email me, I would be happy to arrange for you to stop by my place and hear it for yourself, as I also live in NYC (Upper West Side).