Minimax CD vs. Njoe Tjoeb w/upsampler

Anyone had a chance to listen to (or own) both of these players? I currently own the Njoe Tjoeb w/upsampler and am happy with the sound--good balance of depth, detail, and musicality--but not so hot on the build quality or dim display. So I've recently become intrigued by the Minimax which goes for about the same price with what appears to be better build and many of the same features (except upsampler) as the NJ. Any input from fellow Audiogoners on the relative sound and merits of the two would be very appreciated.
Why not just keep the Njoe Tjoeb that you have since you already like it ?
If the build quality and the dim display are its only faults, I see no reason to get rid of it ( IMHO ).
i have had experience with the minimax and its bane of contention, the 6922 tube.

closer to truth than beauty is what i hear. i hear an imbalance in the frequency response, with an emphasis upon the upeer mids and lower treble.
Interesting to hear your dissatisfaction with minimax and 6922s. I wonder if the imbalance is particular to that combination or would also be the case with other tubes like the 7308...
I owned the Ah for about 2 years. It was a great player.
I agree that the build quality is not great but then
again I never had a single problem with it. I also
found the Ah to be very responsive to tube rolling.
I think you have a great player there. Enjoy it.