Minimum Sound Bar Height

My wife and I just moved into a summer home and I want to set up a 5.1 system for watching movies.  A top-quality system is out of the question for this place; reasonably high-quality consumer-grade level (preferably, used) will have to do.  I plan to hang the TV over the fireplace using a MantelMount, which also hangs the center channel speaker.  Since the bottom of the speaker must clear the top of the mantle, I need its dimensions before I can mount the TV on the wall.

A low profile speaker would have some advantages but I question whether small drivers can produce even reasonably good quality.  I'd love to hear opinions re how tall a sound bar needs to be to produce decent sound, or if this line of reasoning is completely wrong.  (The mains will be a pair of old Magneplanar MG-I after I re-cement the tweeter voice coils, which occasionally rattle a bit.)  Does anyone have a specific suggestion for a center channel speaker that I might find used?
Bob Simon


did you mean 1 R34CB (center) and 4 R41MB?

My Sub, it has two methods of level adjustment

1. get it basically sounding good, not too strong, using it's volume control

2. next, via the AVR menu, adjust all speaker's levels.

3. Crossover: Using those Klipsch R41MB, I would cross over at the highest frequency setting, get the levels balanced, then a week later mess about to see if you hear any benefit from a lower frequency crossover

Elliott, Of course, you are right about my mixing up the models. Thanks for suggesting a methodology to integrate my new 5.1 system.

While the R41Ms made decent surrounds, I wasn’t satisfied with them as mains so I traded up to the R620F and am much happier now, especially with the treble turned down just a tad. My new system cost $1939 including fronts, center, surrounds w stands, and an inexpensive 5.1 amp that passes 4k video and has rudimentary room correction. This is exactly what I’d hoped to achieve - compromises everywhere but affordable now. Thanks for all your help. Now on to mounting the TV. Bob