MIT Evo One vs. Transparent Ultra vs. MIT Matrix Rev 60?

Not sure if anyone has heard, or ever compared these cables but would love some takes on these from the group.
Haven't directly compared the three cables you mention but I do have first hand experience with the new MIT EVO One bi-wire speaker cables and can say as a long time MIT user that the new EVO series is a serious step forward for MIT in that category. Let's put it this way, the first pair I bought for my Alon Lotus SE mk ll speakers was so impressive that I bought a second bi-wire pair for my Genesis G500 speakers and they excelled beyond expectation in that application as well.

The most notable attributes are the treble and bass which are extremely delineated and clean. The soundstage is as a MIT hallmark outstanding in image specificity and back to front placement extending down to the bass range. Good recordings are spooky and a thrill to listen thru but overall, this is a much improved cable line from Bruce.


My experience is similar to nmmusicman.  I have used MIT off and on for many years and was curious about the EVO line which was new at the time.  I tried a couple of EVO Two IC's and thought they were a big step forward from previous MIT offerings especially in that price range.  Better tonal purity on the top end and more see thru transparency.  Nicely balanced from top to bottom.  Great trickle down technology at work here.

I liked them so much I added EVO Two speaker cables and got the same results as the IC's and ran a full loom for a while.  My only nit to pick is even though the top end is excellent, it is just slightly soft to my taste in my system.  I still have them just out of the rotation currently as I like to switch things up occasionally.

 My guess is the EVO One's are better on the top end but there is a big price jump.  I have not compared them to the variants you mentioned.