MIT Oracle AC 3

Anyone with experience using this top-line 'non-networked' MIT cable?
Yes, I have owned many MIT PC's and IC's, including the new Oracle ZMKIII non-networked reference power cable. I am using one now on my SACD Standard V3...WOW!! This cable is a sleeper; Exceptional dynamics and dynamic contrasts, vanishingly low distortion, utterly transparent, articulate deep bass with tonal accuracy and purity. It has replaced my Transparent MM PC ($2000). This cable can be had from Joe Abrams online for about $600.
Thanks Dave,
The Oracle AC3 is fabulous and fabulous value. I've now bought a few and find them beneficial with everything.
I use the AC1's which have 1 network box (power factor correction and stabilizer) and they are my favorite pc's, I have tried many. The best way to describe is by confirming that everything that MIT states these cords will do they do in spades. As I am certain you all know, many of the claims you read do not pan out when you actually install the item. Not the case here. The one draw back is, as with many pc's, they are very stiff and require some creativity getting them installed.