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Power Cord for Power Conditioner
The MIT Oracle AC 111 plain, unfiltered power cord will"substantially" improve the sound of your power conditioner.High quality silver plated copper of MIT's design.I double dare you to try it.Best wishes, PetePS I am not saying other pc's won't d... 
Spectral 30SS preamp
Lawrence, for heavens sake get rid of the Z cord lls and put on at least the Oracle AC3. It will "blow your mind"; the 2's are choking your beautiful gear to death. Happy listening. 
Best way to couple monitor speakers to stands?
Somec59's comment will,by a huge margin, provide the greatest improvement in sound--and it's easy to try. 
What power cord should I get for my front end?
Happy Holidays Buyfast1. I have used a number of MIT p/c's on my Lexicon RT-20. The further up the line the better the sound gets with a good player, which I believe your Denon is. I have obtaines a surprisingly refined sound from the RT-20 using ... 
MIT Oracle AC 3
Thanks Dave,The Oracle AC3 is fabulous and fabulous value. I've now bought a few and find them beneficial with everything. 
Hooking up two Topaz Isolation trans. in series?
I found separate iso transformers gave best results-clearly audible. Amps should be isolated as they create significant noise, digital is obvious, and of course you want to isolate the very sensitive preamp from ac noise. 
Shorting plugs....
You'd best contact the manufacturer. Some products specifically advise against using shorting plugs. 
Cd/sacd player for under 2K?
Lexicon Rt20 and power conditioner with the savings. 
Best SACD Player in the $2000 Range
Lexicon RT20 under $1000 and buy excellent power conditioning/isolation with the savings. 
SACD...around $3500?
Lexicon Rt20-under $1000. Buy some power conditioning/isolation with your savings. 
New caps for preamp?
Thanks to all. Sounds like I best just send this to the good folk at Spectral & that's my decision. 
New caps for Spectral DMC 20?
Drjoe, I just looked at your system. I had the excellent Toshiba. You shd try the Lexicon RT20 RT20(avail ~$900). I found a great improvement. 
New caps for Spectral DMC 20?
To A e watkins. Thanks for comments. To really hear what your DMC20 is capable of you should experiment with ac conditioning & isolation. It created improvements in detail, delicacy, imaging, dynamics and spine tingling enjoyment in my Spectra... 
New caps for preamp?
Rodman, I'll check and let you know. 
Best 2 channel CD/SACD player $2000 used?
I 2nd the Lexicon RT 20