MIT rumors are untrue

Apparently, there was some hoo-ha about MIT not answering their phone yesterday. Yesterday, was President's Day; most non-retail companies were closed for the holiday. Their website was down because it got hit with a virus.

MIT is open, healthy, and growing.

Another rumor that needs to be set straight: I am not the "US Distributor" for MIT. They have plenty of excellent retailers. I consult to MIT (and several other companies) and sometimes get deals on their demos, reveiwer returns and trade show loaners.
Thanks for the info Joe. You had me worried for a minute that I may have misrepresented you, but I went over my past threads where I recommended you and I'm in the clear! Whew ;-) But I did think you represented MIT in a different manner, so thanks for the clarification.
I'm one of the guilty ones of recommending Joe as the U.S. Distributor. Sorry, my ignorance came through. Thanks, Joe for setting me straight.