MIT Tube Cables and Solid State Amps?

I am looking at buying a Pr. of MIT MH 770 CVT Terminator Refrence II Twin - Tube speaker cables. I did not think these cables were compatable with Solid State Amps but the buyer is telling me that he used them with Krell Amps and they worked fine. A Tech. at MIT said He would not use them that way as tube cables are designed for tube amps. He also said it would not cause a service problem for the amp (Classe CA 300). I have been getting conflicting reports on this and I hate to miss out on a good deal. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
In the past various MIT speaker cable designs were made to work with both SS and tube. Newest designs however are "specifically" designed in two models, one for SS and one for tube. I agree with MIT advice and do not use for other than equipment it is designed for. In some ways this is limiting to be so fine tuned, especially if you use both tube and SS amps. BTW owner may be right that they sound OK as used, but don't you make the same mistake.
It's hard to imagine speaker cables which can be so specifically designed as to only fit tube amps. On the other hand MIT are notorious for price gouging, and getting away with it by skilled marketing. The only difference between Monster cables and MIT stuff (other than costing 10 times the price) is the boxes they install to "calibrate" their cables. Yet they got in a fight with Transparent because they alledgedly stole their ideas, except they do it better. Don't get me wrong, MIT cables sound really good and the fact that they sell at those prices prove it. But I would not trust what they claim, and I doubt they are so good that they can customize cables for tube (any tube amp) or solid-state (likewise any SS amp). Ideally one would A-B the two cables, but I doubt it's worth the effort.
I would try to demo a pair and see. All equipment reacts to cables differently, and considering all the tube and ss amps out there, as well as speakers that are also affected by the cables, I can't see how they can claim they are tube cables only. has a 30 day trial on most of their stuff. They have close-out MIT cables (last years model) pretty cheap.
Just to clear up some confusion the MIT cables sold by Audio Advisor are older models that are not matched cables. New "terminator" series are not matched cables. New "high end" and "reference" series speaker cables have output matched interfaces (the box on cable) for SS and tube. The new ICs from same series have impedance specific interfaces with three different models for each IC to match equipment being connected......check MIT web site for full As I said this can be a disadvantage to be so finely tuned to people who change equipment often.