MIT Tube Cables and Solid State Amps?

I am looking at buying a Pr. of MIT MH 770 CVT Terminator Refrence II Twin - Tube speaker cables. I did not think these cables were compatable with Solid State Amps but the buyer is telling me that he used them with Krell Amps and they worked fine. A Tech. at MIT said He would not use them that way as tube cables are designed for tube amps. He also said it would not cause a service problem for the amp (Classe CA 300). I have been getting conflicting reports on this and I hate to miss out on a good deal. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
In the past various MIT speaker cable designs were made to work with both SS and tube. Newest designs however are "specifically" designed in two models, one for SS and one for tube. I agree with MIT advice and do not use for other than equipment it is designed for. In some ways this is limiting to be so fine tuned, especially if you use both tube and SS amps. BTW owner may be right that they sound OK as used, but don't you make the same mistake.
It's hard to imagine speaker cables which can be so specifically designed as to only fit tube amps. On the other hand MIT are notorious for price gouging, and getting away with it by skilled marketing. The only difference between Monster cables and MIT stuff (other than costing 10 times the price) is the boxes they install to "calibrate" their cables. Yet they got in a fight with Transparent because they alledgedly stole their ideas, except they do it better. Don't get me wrong, MIT cables sound really good and the fact that they sell at those prices prove it. But I would not trust what they claim, and I doubt they are so good that they can customize cables for tube (any tube amp) or solid-state (likewise any SS amp). Ideally one would A-B the two cables, but I doubt it's worth the effort.
I would try to demo a pair and see. All equipment reacts to cables differently, and considering all the tube and ss amps out there, as well as speakers that are also affected by the cables, I can't see how they can claim they are tube cables only. has a 30 day trial on most of their stuff. They have close-out MIT cables (last years model) pretty cheap.
Just to clear up some confusion the MIT cables sold by Audio Advisor are older models that are not matched cables. New "terminator" series are not matched cables. New "high end" and "reference" series speaker cables have output matched interfaces (the box on cable) for SS and tube. The new ICs from same series have impedance specific interfaces with three different models for each IC to match equipment being connected......check MIT web site for full As I said this can be a disadvantage to be so finely tuned to people who change equipment often.
Mit Snake oil champions of the world.You can sell junk with great marketing and thats what MIT does.Divide the price of MIT by 5 and you have what its worth.Mcdonalds is another one who thriveon marketing.but at least its food not Snake oil they sell.Can a piece of wire tell the diff between a SS signal and a tube signal.Ya gives us a break.
Classe amps are very smooth as ss amps go. Why MIT, which are less than transparent? Just wondering if you are doing your amp justice. Irrespective of whether these cables work with ss amps, you may wind up making things even more laid back and veiled. The fact that these were used on Krells by the p.o. should give you a hint about their characteristics. Have you listened to any MIT in your system yet?
Hey Rsa, I use MIT shotgun ic's with a ca 200 and it makes for an extremely transparant presentation. I believe these to be the best bang in the MIT line that I have heard and I've heard alot of their stuff including their top reference line. The 330 series 2 and 3 sound thick and veiled IMO. I'm not wild about any of the terminator series either. Are the MIT's expensive, unfortunately yes! But I've had lots of cables in my system over the years and the shotguns do it for me. Good Luck! Awright boys and girls hand me my beating!
Hi RSA i use all Classe components including the CA-300 and have found MIT cables to be a poor match for all the Classe equipment. Personaly i find properly designed Silver to be FAR SUPERIOR (IC's,Dig,Spk) than MIT. After hearing the difference i GAVE my MIT to a friend for FREE. BTW the spk's are Aerial 10t and also use one of the better PC's on your CA-300 you will be suprised. PC's have made an improvement on every component. MIT is a poor match for your CA-300 unless you want to be even more laid back or your speakers are Brite. Happy New Year ---------> Mike
Pops, it's interesting that you find the shotgun to be transparent and the other MIT products to be on the thick side. A case of over-engineering? No real point here, I just find the contrasting effect to be interesting.
Yeah sounds weird Jim but I did pretty extensive comparisons and that's what I hear. Like I mentioned above I haven't heard every cable but I've heard and owned alot from Tara, Kimber, Monster, Straightwire, and Audioquest and probably a few more I've forgotten. Anyway, I enjoy your takes on ML - I've considered taking the plunge several times but I'm concerned about my room and the back wave, and although I enjoy some quiet acoustic music I'm basically a rocker. The openess and clarity are absolutely addicting. Just screwing around the other day at a dealer I heard a Classe 101 with MIT wire driving ML Arerius with I believe a Theta front end and almost pulled out my freakin checkbook!
Hi, Pops. Cables and IC's are one of the most frustrating and time consuming parts of the chain to zero in on. I'm getting ready to step up from my current AQ combo and am not really looking forward to the process. In fact, I'm trying to develop a more objective process and set of criteria to help me get the decision right -- hopefully no second guessing and no regrets after the deal goes down. I'm comfortable with just listening to other components with familiar music, taking a more subjective approach, but I think cables/IC's need a more "systematic" approach to keep from driving myself crazy. It's a short drive, as is. Your experience with MIT woke me up to the fact that while it's often true that "stereotypes are earned" in the audio world, there can be significant differences within an individual manufacturer's line that suit different tastes and applications. Yeah, I am pretty much hooked on the CLS's right now. I've done the Maggie and Apogee thing over the years, so esl's were destined to be the next step. I'll bet that the Classe/Aerius combo sounded good. Never heard them together, but I would think that any Classe amp would be a good match. These are one of the ss amps, along with the Meitner's and McCormack's, that I really like even after going over to the tube side. Maybe you should keep that checkbook at the ready. The ML hybrids (the bigger the better) won't rock as deep as some dynamic speakers, but they sure don't suck and do it better on a wider range of material than full range esl's. Don't think that the bigger full ranges are limited to quiet, low level stuff, either. Blues are fantastic and certain rock can be swell. The HF sounds of electric guitars is pure magic on ribbons (and esl's), and the hybrids can handle almost anything very well, (although lacking the ultimate transparency of full ranges). Strange as it may sound, the CLS's do Hendrix better almost anything I've heard. Blues, too. John Lee Hooker is literally in the room with me. Mid-bass is exceptional in its accuracy and tonal "rightiousness". What I'm finding more and more is that source material is the biggest factor in my listening experience these days -- especially recording quality. In fact, lately I've been using my worst sounding CD's along with the good ones in evaluating equipment. I ramble... Happy New Year.
Jim, thanks for the response, I agree about cables it is frustrating at times and if your not really in the change/upgrade cable mode a real pain in the ass. I'll tell you what got me back on MIT. I was using Tara Master ic's, pretty happy with em but got a case of audionervosa/bored-osa, and pulled out an old pair of MIT music links prenetwork ic's that I used 10 years ago. They were hooked up to a VCR at the time. I dropped them in and I couldn't believe my ears! Top to bottom coherence and focus improved more than a litte. So I demo'ed several types and really dug the shotguns. I use them with CJ pre and Classe amp, nice, smooth and plenty revealing for me. Hey to each his/her own. The only person you really have to impress is yourself - you have to live with the system!
Miss this good deal. I owned MIT Tube interconnects and speaker cable, they are COLORED; they sweet (overly, of course) and ameliorate solid state drek (ass oppose to solid state good, neutral staff). You don't have to pay a lot for the good cables (Exception: Power cords by Electraglide)
Thank You Simontju. I do have a question. How do you feel they color the sound? I don't own them yet (plan to soon) but I have listened in my system and find them to naturally place and space instruments in a manner that sounds very real to me. In addition there was a dramatic increase in air and detail around instruments which is reminiscent of live music. I suspect they must be system dependent based on the total lack of agreement of this product. Are people justed p.oed because of their pricing?
TubeGroover I own several brands of ICs including older MIT 330 series ICs, my listening is they have smooth top end, and the treble region is de-emphasized compared to regular ICs, giving the treble a slightly recessed sound, the detail is there but not as pronounced or finely detailed as say a good silver IC. MIT contends this is the way natural music sounds and most ICs have too much treble region emphasis. I hear more treble detail than say Cardas Cross, yet subjectively they are equally warm. I find their 3D capabilities to be excellent. I have all SS gear, and feel these traits may not work well with tube gear, but as discussed here new MIT upper end stuff is now specially designed for different types of gear.
Hi Sam - I am currently listening to a friends 750 Terminator S3 tube cable, his amp is down. It is as you say maybe more recessed (I say relaxed) but what I have noticed with every speaker cable I have had in my system is that the high frequencies are too immediate and in your face. It is most unnatural sounding to me and has been a real problem up until now. The highs don't jump out at you as they have in the past. I really feel that the detail is still there but it isn't so Hi-Fi bright. My speakers are missing nothing in the high frequencies and as a matter of fact are recommended with Cardas cables. I just bought a pair of the MIT 770 Reference tube cables which are a few steps up from the one's I am using. Should have them next week and will post impressions with my all tube system. The gentleman I am purchasing them from needed longer runs. He has Wilson Watts Puppys which isn't missing anything on top either. He tells me these cables are the best he's heard in his system by far and he has run the gamut. My IC's are all Harmonic Tech Truthlink which I like very much and feel are a great value, at least for now.
i have experience with the Terminator 2, 330II, and new shotgun. posts have been talking about MIT like they made one cable. the models i have used sound completely different. if you get the 770's maybe you could let me know how they sound compared to the other model(s).
Well Joe I got the 770's and they improve the sound in ALL parameters over the 750's in my above post by a not too subtle margin. These cables are definitely staying.
Glad to hear it Tubegroover. I'm using 330 shotgun ic's and 750 series 3 with soon to be Thiel 3.6's. I'll have to check out the 770's. Good listening!
Well Pops if the 750's are working well in your system, wait till you hear the 770 reference. Like a major component upgrade. These MIT cables HAVE to be system dependent. I can not believe what I am hearing. And the 750's were good indeed. Now this is more like it and what I knew these speakers could deliver.
Hey Tubegroover I just bought Thiels and can't use my 750 biwire anymore - it's just too messy to try and double it up and I'm afraid something will come loose and short out something. That's happened to me in another lifetime with another set of cables - shorted out the capacitors or whatever in the network. I had some Kimber 8TC laying around and it sounds pretty darn good on the Thiels, my system is warm CJ,Classe and MIT ic's. Hey maybe you mentioned already but what speaks are you using. Cheers! Long live Jim Beam!
Merlin VSM-SE soon to be upgraded to Millenium; the sound is finally Magic, 6 months to get there, now for some fine tuning.
Hi guys, I have a Classe 200 running Proac 3.8's. I currently have two pairs of speaker cables; Harmonic Tech pro nine biwire and MIT 750 biwire. The harmonic tech are more transparent, detailed, and have better depth. The MIT deliver more bass and have a more natural soundstage. Also instruments sound fuller with the MIT. I like both these cables in my system but still want to try others.