MIT Z-Cord II PC versus Oyaide Tunami GPX

Having checked the archives, I could not find anything on a direct comparison between these power cords. Cost is comparable ... MIT MSRP ($349) and Tunami GPX ($425) for about the same length.

Not so much interested in general impressions. There is good information already posted along those lines. But if you have experience with both - even if not a direct A/B comparison - please share your experience. Thanks in advance for your input.
what component are you putting the tunami gpx on and is the gpx different from the Oyaide Tunami?
I am thinking of putting the Oyaide Tunami on a denon 3930ci player.
I don't have experience with the MIT but I do have the Oyaide GPX and GPX-R on my components with the GPX-R on my Pass Labs amp. as the amp is a power hog, I put the R on it and compared to the OEM and a Shuntaya i had, it seemed to open up th sound more. Significant? not huge but enough for me to pay the $$ for it. The GPX are riunning my pre (ARC SP17 Tube) and CD (Meridian 588). Didn't notice as much of a change in those but also enough to pay the cost.
Here's a tip, use a high quality PC like the Oyaide or Audioquest etc., and get an MIT 20 Super Duplex Outlet for you to plug them into. It will give you the effects of having some of MIT's best power conditioning technology for two of your components ($199msrp vs $800 for similiar MIT PC).
Hi I have done the comparison The Oyaide has beautiful rich tone but was very slow as in really slow. Same result on both CD - Meridian and Preamp - Marantz 7. I also found the MIT to be better for me than the Nordost Shiva. The Nordost had tighter bottom end but did not have the high frequency extension of the MIT. ( This was the old MIT PC II from 10+yrs ago.)