Mixed Up Track Order from dbPoweramp rips

Can anybody tell me which rip settings will ensure track order remains as in the original CD? I looked for an answer on the CA website and in the dbPoweramp forums to no avail. I'm ripping usung the Computer Audiophile CD Ripping Strategy and Methodololgy:


Any advice on this will be welcomed. I'm in the process of ripping my library and would like to skip the step of rearranging tracks after each rip.
If your using a Mac, go into the info portion of the track, while in iTunes, and arrange it so that the artist is the same from track to track. Sometimes, deleting the artist entirely has to be done if there are lots of different, original artists. As long as everything else is the same, info wise, then all should go well.

I had the same problem and did that and now everything stays where it should.

If you are not using a Mac, then this may or may not apply.

Good luck,
The naming convention and the sorting logic may be the issue. Is your software sorting by track number or by track title? I name the files as track number track title. e.g. 01 Tin Angel, 02 Chelsea Morning, etc. You can set up dBpoweramp to create files with that naming convention. That will keep them in order in your folders and also allow the player to easily identify the track numbers. Just tell the player that your files are named as track # track name so it imports them correctly. dBpoweramp should be putting the track # in the tag, which should be sufficient for you player to sort correctly, but not for your folders.


I only slightly modified the naming config :

[IFCOMP][IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],Various Artists
Not to change up the question or hijack this thread from Rosedanny on the dbPoweramp rips, did anybody catch the Tekzilla episode on Revision3 networks video show to see how you can rip 60 CD's in one hour?? It was pretty cool, I didn't know you could do that with dbPoweramp.

But to Rosednny, check out some of the HDnation previous shows and forums on that Revision3 web network and I think they are also on Facebook, they cover a lot of dbpoweramp questions and tips, you might find the answer there.
But it looks like you have a lot of experts on this forum as well.