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Has anyone heard from bdp24 lately?
Who needs Spotify, Tidal or any streaming services when you can take it all in by just listening to bpd24. Sorry to hear about your family issues but good to hear back from you.  All the best, Nonoise  
DH Labs
I found the DH Labs glass Toslink to be head and shoulders above my Supra ZAC Toslink, my Lifatec Toslink and an Amazon brand that was well received. I also got a great deal on some DH Labs HDMI 2.0 when on closeout of that line which was  a nice ... 
A valentine poem to tubes
Class D, it's not, my Technics amp Despite tube lovers that often rant The sound is sublime No etch, no grime To admit as much, they can't    
A valentine poem to tubes
Tubes are nice They glow in the dark. With the right wine A romance may spark.    
20 Years?
@thecarpathian You'll be the first to know. I never understood anyone who said if they could go back in time, they'd never change a thing.  All the best, Nonoise  
20 Years?
20 years also. Time flies indeed. Time to restart my work on that time machine. That death ray was going nowhere. All the best, Nonoise  
Bananas rule, spades drool. End of discussion.
A long time ago I mentioned I was for bananas and my oh my some feathers got ruffled. Good to see that's no longer the case. Spade connections that I've used  all worked themselves loose over time. Gremlins love messing with spades. All the best,... 
Triode Wire Labs Spirit II XLRs and DH Labs Revelation XLRs: a comparison
The silver cables I use (Darwincables) don't have any of the anecdotally negative qualities that've become conventional wisdom nowadays. Even the earlier ones I tried could be mistaken for copper cables.  Silver is a slightly better conductor, so... 
Here's to the temperate, the gentle, the moderates in audio
You can also add The British Audiophile to  the list. His calm demeanor is rare nowadays. The same goes for Goldensound. All the best, Nonoise  
Here's to the temperate, the gentle, the moderates in audio
@neworleansjazz  tu as 12 ans ?  
Here's to the temperate, the gentle, the moderates in audio
I’m so tempted to post that YouTube video again about cursing in French but it did have profanity on it and most likely was the reason the mods took it down. We have some really delicate ears around here. You know, the more neworleansjazz posts, ... 
Transport Recommendations
Took an interest in this thread to the point where I'm itching to try out the Shanling ET3 (but I wont') and I read some reviews on a site where the owners say they preferred the Shanling to the Jay's CDT-2 Mk3 and the Project CDT (they didn't men... 
New MOFI speaker (Andrew Jones)
@roxy54 I've been staying away of late due to the declining civility here so I thankfully missed that one. I just peruse the threads, smile or shake my head, and move on as it can get too taxing trading barbs with ne'er-do-wells. I actually feel ... 
New MOFI speaker (Andrew Jones)
@deep_333 What on earth does Mikey's experience with a dealer asking to sell his product and being nefarious about it have to do with a discussion about a speaker that audiopoint happens to sell? He was quite upfront about it all and merely offere... 
Shout out to Revival Audio Atalante 3 speakers
@abd1 Nice take on your Atalante 3s. I used to own the Clearwave Duet 6s as well but feel the Atalnate 3s to be a nice step up from them. I used to have Tonian Labs TL-D1s and their clarity and see thru is very hard to beat. Saying that, I found t...